Dear Mrs. Solomon(My Vow)

Dear Mrs. Solomon

Prayers do get answered, because we are finally here!

We exchange vows to love, honor & respect, each other. To listen, communicate & encourage. To pray to Him together, study His word & be quiet in His presence. To esteem one another as better, to use our words not as weapons but to sing to each other as though we were exchanging love letters.

I remember when I first made a vow.

I made a vow to not look at a woman lustfully. 

I read that there was a man that God was so sure of His ways that he told that accursed accuser, “Have you seen my servant?” I knew I was not that man. I wanted to honor God with my eyes, but I realized I had never made a vow like that servant of God. So with a bit of courage and utter helplessness I asked the Holy Spirit to help my unbelief. with the iota of faith I had, I made a vow before Him that I wouldn’t intentionally look at a woman lustfully.

That wasn’t my first vow though. 

I remember when I made a vow to wait.

I made a vow to wait for you my queen, and not give my manhood to a prostitute. I reasoned, I would rather love my queen a thousand ways than be in love with a thousand concubines. I know, I am careful to listen to the instructions of my physician when he prescribes my medicine. I figured, I should also listen to the architect of marriage, God, when it comes to love and how enjoy the firey passion without getting burnt!

I wouldn’t have made that vow, if I didn’t make an earlier vow still. 

I remember when I made a vow to make Him Lord & Savior of my life. I had known his word and sang the songs but at some point I strayed away. I got distracted by the glitz and the glitter until He shook me. He shook me awake and told me that I was His and that He would pursue me even in the wilderness. I was ashamed, felt like dirt and thought he would reject me. But He said I loved you even in your dirt and fashioned you before birth. I left my Kingdom to rescue you and if you give your life to me I will turn your ashes to beauty. I will remember your sins no more but you shall be called beloved.

So I made a vow. That I am my beloved and he is mine.

I know how weighty a vow is and I don’t take it lightly. I don’t vow to be the perfect man because I am not; only my savior is. I don’t vow to never hurt you because I know i will at some point. I don’t vow to make you 1st in my life because He comes 1st. But I vow to love you as Christ loves His church, to win your heart and mind before I touch your body and  to pray for you as I pray for myself.

Dear Mrs. Solomon, I knew you would be beautiful and now I understand why the wait was worth it. You kindness melts my heart, your devotion to Christ amazes me and your wisdom and graciousness makes me think you are an angel sent from above disguised as my queen.

I waited for you, you are my reward. I vow to love you forever!

” whoever keeps the fig tree will eat its fruit;So he who waits on his master will be honored.” – Proverbs 27:18